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Sri Yantra And
The Great Pyramid

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The Kambalathu Nayakars (hill tribes).
I represented The Kambalathu Nayakars In the womens tribal conference held in Dheradun. I appealed to all the delegates to develope the astonomical science, herbals for child and human health development used and followed by the tribals.
According to Engels [Karl marx's friend] biology = 0 as written in his book "The dialectics of Nature". I am puzzled mainly because my predictions on humans actualy depends on numbers [geometry].
My conclusion is that human life being inside numbers [Geometry] cannot be equal to zero.

The Corporate and Cosmic paintings are done using a unique concept. Many artists are selected according to the anthro bio metric system to paint the corporate paintings. The cosmic drawings are drawn using a single or a number of artists who are selected according to the anthro bio metric science.
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A man's golden period can be determined before hand and can be advised about when to go to public share, submit research papers, marketing a product and also inform before hand about any corporate director board's confusion. The proof - business india etc.
Please note that the golden period is not permanent for any person according to the Anthro Bio Metric System

USSR's Moscow University researcher Kulaichev's research about the Sri Yantra and my correspondence with him. I want to ask you if you have own firm experiences to answer for such question.
Of that is so ,please answer by own words but NOT BY THE WORDS FROM THE VEDAS ,THE TANTRAS, THE PURANAS, ETC. And if you can with addition of English duplicate of that is so,please answer by own words but NOT BY THE WORDS FROM THE VEDAS,THE TANTRAS,THE PURANAS,ETC.And if you can with addition of English duplicate of text.

With deep respect, your sincerely
Chair of Supreme nerves processes,
Biology faculty, Moscow University,

'Daily News' published in Sri lanka on September 3rd 1992 and Sunday Observer november 8th 1998. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi joining politics in 1994 and also about her not becoming the prime minister was already predicted by me in 1992.
Also in daily news 3rd september 1992 wrote about me predicting " But neither a seperate Tamil elam nor a separate Tamil nadu is possible"
Sunday observer wrote about me predicting "Sri lanka can contain secessionist war and remain one country" on november 8th 1998.
The prediction about Tamil elam that it will not exist in 1992 and 1998 is a true fact today.
Prediction about former president Mr.Bill clinton in the "Daily news" last paragraph in september 3 1992.
World prediction January 2005 page 86 in the "Express star teller" about "The sultan of steel"- Mr.Lakshmi Mittal.

I started the experimentation on my science by using the name and the date of birth of Indira Gandhi after seeing her signature in the letter she sent to my father [politician].

My Anthro bio metric science is in the genes of our family. I experimented this science in the streets on many persons in poor part of the society. Then I applied it to the middle class people. Then I applied it to the politicians. Finally I applied it to the Corporates. I reached great sucess in all of my attempts. That is why the press published me. Now, I am in a confusion of whether it is a ancient geometric science or if it is an intuition.
I have finally come to a conclusion, man's life is divided in four divisions-golden period, silver period, copper period and carbon period.

170 years after Jean Francois Champollion
-an unassuming Indian researcher from Chennai.
The Hindustan Times 28-10-1997(Editorial Page)

Sri Chakra the mystical construction of the Cosmos. The secrets of Cosmic unity held by the inter-penetration of nine triangles.Sri Chakra Triangles - the product of three phases of cosmic process - creation, preservation, dissolution. And the triad of time. Past present and future. Into which the whole of the activities of the universe could be summed up. Contained. All the same, until the pattern is energised the Chakra remains just a piece of drawing. (The Sriyantra belongs to the class of objects (yantras) which are used for meditation in various schools of tantrism. One of the earliest known specimen is the portrain of the Sriyantra in the religious institution Sringari Matha established by the famous Philosopher Sankara in eight century A.D. The sriyantra had also been mentioned in the Buddhist inscription of the Srivijaya school is south Sumatra, which is dataed seventh century A.D2. Therefore, the Shri Yantra already has covered a long path of confirmation as an important object for rituals. Thus, the hymn from Atharva Veda3 (c. 12th century B.C) is dedicated to the Sriyantra-like figure composed of nine triangles.